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The truth about Mineral Vitamin Supplements

February 10, 2021 3 min read

The truth about Mineral Vitamin Supplements

We've covered multiple topics on vitamins on our beauty blog. However, one thing we've not touched on is mineral vitamins. Based on statistics over the years, a handful of people have not even heard of it, or even know what mineral vitamins are all about. Not to worry luxers, today we'll be covering on this topic, and we hope you'd be able to learn something new and be able to understand better on what you might be getting the next time you visit your local supplement store. First off, the majority of mineral vitamin supplements are made from chemicals rather than natural substances compared to your regular vitamins. However, there is a steady growth in the demand for natural mineral vitamin supplements. This is due to the amount of debate ongoing about whether chemical mineral vitamins can be more harmful than beneficial in the long term.


The matter of fact is that chemical mineral vitamin supplements are not as easily absorbed as ordinary food particles are. The mineral vitamin industry is continuously striving to create more easily processed products by the body and, therefore more beneficial. 


The industry comes up with a new, more bio-available form of a vitamin or mineral every now and then. Hence, to overcome this issue, a large number of mineral vitamins have been developed that combine other elements with the vitamins and minerals to enable them to be more easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, Iron is commonly combined to form iron gluconate, allowing the mineral vitamin supplement to be more absorbable.


Another thing to note is that the amount of a nutrient in a mineral vitamin supplement needs to be far greater than it would be in a more natural form for the body to absorb the amount required. This can obviously lead to a problem where a toxic level of the particular nutrient is being consumed by the large doses of the mineral vitamin supplement needed. Therefore, it is extremely important that a person does not simply take vast quantities of all of the mineral vitamin supplements that are advertised on television or any other social media platform and should seek advice from a health professional. It is also worth being aware of the mineral vitamin supplement industry developments as there are constantly new and better combinations being developed.


One method that mineral vitamin manufacturers have developed to help aid absorption is culturing yeast cells' raw materials. This form of mineral vitamins are known as food state and are up to four times more manageable for the body to absorb the required nutrients as the yeast is completely digested.


Lastly, the need for mineral vitamin supplements depends on the diet that a person has. There is no doubt that it is far more preferable for a person to obtain the nutrients that they require from their food rather than by taking mineral vitamin supplements wherever possible. During specific periods it may be necessary for a person to take mineral vitamin supplements on a temporary basis, but their long-term use is not recommended for a number of the available supplements.


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