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The Hidden Dangers of Vitamins and the 3 Biggest Health Risks Associated with Them

May 11, 2022 2 min read

The Hidden Dangers of Vitamins and the 3 Biggest Health Risks Associated with Them

Introduction to Vitamins and Medical Implications

Vitamins are organic compounds that are important for the growth and development of the human body. Vitamins have been used in medicine to treat a variety of diseases, including cancer and heart disease. However, getting enough vitamins from food is not always easy, so taking vitamin supplements is often necessary. 

There are two types of vitamins: water-soluble vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins. Water-soluble vitamins dissolve in water and can be easily excreted by the kidneys if they are consumed in excess. On the other hand, a person can retain fat-soluble vitamins for prolonged periods of time by storing them in fatty tissues such as muscle and body fat. The most common fat-soluble vitamin is A (retinol), which is known to help prevent vision loss from macular degeneration and keep good vision sharp for health reasons. 


1. Vitamin-Induced Kidney Stones Form when the Kidneys Absorb Too Much Vitamin C or Oxalate

The kidneys are the body's filter, and they work to remove waste from the blood. When too much vitamin C or oxalate is absorbed by the kidneys, it can form kidney stones.

Vitamin-induced kidney stones form when the kidneys absorb too much vitamin C or oxalate.

When this happens, small crystals may form and then stick together to form larger stones that can block urine flow.


2. Vitamin A Overdose Can Lead to Bone Pain & Osteoporosis in Men and Women as well as Birth Defects in Children

Vitamin A overdose is a potential concern for people who take high-dose supplements or eat large quantities of the liver, which is naturally high in vitamin A. Vitamin A overdose can lead to bone pain and osteoporosis in men and women and congenital disabilities in children. High levels of vitamin A can cause mortality. The most common cause is liver failure, which can result from another overdose of vitamin A.Excess amounts of vitamin A are excreted in the urine, so kidney damage could also be an issue if the overdose is severe enough. 


3. A Vitamin D Deficiency Can Cause Serious Problems for Bones & Teeth

Some people are vitamin D deficient and don't know it. It's essential to know the symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency because it can cause serious health problems for your bones and teeth.


There are many things that can lead to a vitamin D deficiency, including not getting enough sun, obesity, dark skin tone, lack of dietary intake, illnesses or medications that interfere with the absorption of vitamins in the body, or having conditions such as cystic fibrosis or Crohn's disease which prevent the body from absorbing vitamins properly.



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