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Discover the Underlying Problems of Dry Skin

May 02, 2020 5 min read

Discover the Underlying Problems of Dry Skin

It's been a pretty long time, isn't it luxers? Well, let us sincerely apologize for not posting as frequently as we used to be. We've all been going through a pretty rough time due to this coronavirus pandemic. Before we jump right into this topic, there are a few things that we would like to let you guys know. First off we'll be launching an exclusive e-book on our site real soon, so stay tuned for that because on it's launch, there will be a few lucky people that will get it for free and not to mention tons of discount codes will be given out as well! This e-book has been in the works for months, we sincerely hope that you loyal luxers will be able to get the most out of it the moment you get your hands on it. Not to mention that by getting this e-book you'll be helping us greatly, and in return, we'll be able to create more content and offer new products to you guys. So, please remember to check back in within a week for its release! 


Now, back to the topic of dry skin. Dry skin is a problem that most of us have, including myself. It is something that cannot be ignored. Dry skin leads to cracking of the upper layer of the skin and gives it an awful appearance. There are a few leading causes of dry skin, and they include hormonal changes, dry climate, excessive exfoliation, and treatment of other skin disorders. However, dryness of the skin could be the inherent nature of one's skin. Whatever the cause may be, dry skincare is extremely important and should not be ignored. After all, it's not that difficult! Let me explain why.


Dry skincare starts with a straightforward tool, and that is moisturisers. They're one of the most effective remedies for dry skin. Generally, moisturisers are classified under two categories based on the way they provide dry skincare.


The first category includes moisturisers that provide dry skinare just by preserving the moisture within the skin e.g Vasaline. These moisturisers are relatively inexpensive and are readily available even at the grocery shops.


The second category includes moisturisers that work by drawing moisture from the environment and supplying it to the skin. This is an extremely effective way of treating dry skin in humid conditions. The moisturisers that provide this treatment in this way are also called humectants. For proper dry skincare, you must use a non-greasy type of moisturiser, as far as possible. Humectants fall into this category as the ingredients of humectants include propylene glycol, urea, glycerine, hyaluronic acid, etc.


Another critical thing to note is that dry skincare is not just about using moisturisers, but also using them correctly. One of the best dry skincare procedure is always to cleanse your skin before the application of your moisturiser. You can make your dry skincare even more effective by applying the moisturiser while the skin is still damp right after your cleansing. Also, make sure that you are using soap-free products, especially on your face, neck, and arms. Not to mention, exfoliation does help in dry skin by removing the dead skin cells and blackheads.

Nevertheless, do not exfoliate too hard, that is one mistake that a lot of us make. Your dry skincare procedures and products should also take care of sun protection. One way to keep yourself protected at all times from the sun is simply to use an umbrella or hat when exposed. Using a good sunscreen lotion before going also will do an excellent job at protecting you from the sun. There are lots of moisturisers that provide sun protection, too, along with dry skincare. So do remember to keep a lookout for those. 


Fragrance, on the other hand, has the potential to cause skin irritation too. Something that a lot of people do not keep in mind because it's just something they use every day. Unfortunately, fragrance tends to irritate dry skin or make it worst. So please avoid perfume, deodorants, and skincare products that are filled with fragrance. Fragrance is a common source of allergic contact dermatitis. It could take multiple exposures for your skin to react; in some cases, you might even see a reaction the very first time. One way you can avoid all these is by checking the list of ingredients and look for the word "fragrance," and remember "fragrance-free" is your best friend here. Face cream, moisturisers, body lotions, and cream may do more harm than good when it's filled with perfumes. Read those labels carefully. Keep in mind that, lemongrass oil, lavender oil, and other botanical oils have natural preservatives properties may still be labeled as "fragrance-free."


Who doesn't love a long, hot shower? Well, everyone does! But, have you weigh out the pros and cons of it? It might be tempting to stand under the steaming-hot water for an extended period of time, especially during the colder months. Some might even love spending hours sitting in their bathtub chilling, watching Netflix. However, research has shown that taking long and steaming showers or baths can lead to skin dehydration because it will dry out the moisture in your skin. It is best to limit showers to no more than five minutes, and the temperature of the water must be kept warm at all times, not hot. Subsequently, apply a moisturising cream within one minute after getting out of the shower.


Certain medical conditions can also cause dry skin. Skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can make your skin more prone to dryness. However, dry skin could also indicate something seemingly unrelated, such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, kidney failure, or malnutrition, according to Harvard Health. Therefore, the question is, how would you know if the dryness is the result of something run of the mill like the weather or something that's more serious. Well, you got to be on the lookout for any inflamed areas, crusting, intense itchiness, hyperpigmentation, and rough, flaky, or scaly patches on the skin and take those as a hint it’s time to visit a doctor. Once you've determined the cause of the dryness, consult a doctor, and he/she will help you to determine the proper treatment. 


Last but not least, there are also natural products for dry skin, products that naturally provide dry skincare without the use of synthetic chemicals. These dry skincare products supply lipid enhancements to the skin, hence enabling moisture retention within the skin. Another important thing for the dry skincare is the temperature of water you use for showering or for washing your face. When doing those, keep in mind that having the water temperature too cold or too hot can cause dryness also, hence the recommended advice is to use warm water. 


Dry skincare is also about being gentle with your skin. You should always avoid harsh detergents and alcohol-based cleansers. Also, after cleansing your face, do not rub your towel on your face like a barbarian. That's what most of us do, and it's wrong. It will do you more harm than good. Instead, gently pat your face with the towel to soak the water off. To sum it up, dry skincare is effortless and straightforward for anyone who takes it seriously. If you've stayed on thus far, we're pretty sure that you're taking your skincare game to the next level. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and most importantly is that you learned something new from it. Do remember to keep a lookout for our exclusive e-book launch next week!

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